International Supply Chain Visibility

International Supply Chain Visibility

Agistix Total Visibility delivers real-time visibility to counter blindspots of inbound, third-party and international shipment data that has historically not been captured by the software systems shippers use to manage their supply chains and transportation operations.

Total Visibility is a packaged technology layer that aggregates and normalizes all of a company’s shipping activity, no matter who their suppliers and carriers are or how many TMS, ERP systems, freight pay or audit vendors they have. By placing this integration layer alongside every system that contains shipment data, including the TMS, and extending access to all supply chain partners, it helps companies achieve a comprehensive view into every shipment they have paid for—no matter where it’s coming from or going to, anywhere in the world—with drill-down detail on each shipment and no manual effort required to aggregate the data.

Total Visibility is a cross-platform, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) layer that’s secure and open—and thus accessible to the many parties involved in a company’s shipments.


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