Internet Marketing Pays Off

The is according to Corey Wenger, president of Key Position Web Marketing ( Online advertising and strategic Web sites allow manufacturers to reach mass markets, typically at lower costs than conventional marketing programs. His company has prepared a survey that targets such goals. It is featured below.

Once considered exclusive vehicles for traditional business and retail sales, these strategies are quickly becoming a powerful way for manufacturers to successfully market products and influence customers.

"Online advertising and strategic Web sites work seamlessly with how prospects select and buy products, services, and solutions. These methods also provide the ability to track and measure program effectiveness more directly than any other marketing vehicle."

Wenger is an authority in Web site Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one of the faster growing marketing strategies being used by U.S. manufacturers today. SEO is the process used to earn high rankings in search engines based on specific key words and phrases ñ terms used by prospective clients who are actively looking for products, services, and solutions.

"When balanced with other essential internet promotions, a well-planned SEO can create dramatic results. In some cases, the marketing return on investment climbs into the double digits," he confirms.

In helping companies to increase sales and profitability through strategic web marketing, Wenger has created a study to determine how manufacturers can use corporate Web sites and online programs to compete more effectively against domestic and foreign contenders.

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