IP 7000

Matthews new high-end non-contact printer, the IP 7000, can print up to 32 lines of text (7 dots/line), logos, scannable bar codes and other symbols at 200 dpi horizontal/187 dpi vertical, operating at line speeds up to 1.4m (4.6 ft)/sec. Using piezo-electric element technology, the new printer is rugged enough to operate in challenging industrial environments. The printheads carry a 3-year warranty.

Designed to print on all types of porous packaging material, as well as on fabric, wood, pulp, concrete and other building products, the IP 7000 has a minimum print height of 2 mm and maximum print height of 100 mm ( 3.94” in.) per printhead – one of the highest in the industry.

Thanks to a re-circulating auto prime (RAP™) feature, the IP 7000 consumes 35% less ink than competing printers. RAP also eliminates the need for messy daily maintenance and use of solvents

With the IP 7000’s Ethernet capability, networking is as simple as installing a typical office printer. Users can upload changes via laptop by connecting directly to the printer controller on the production line; or transmit messages from their office PC via LAN. The software also determines how many times a particular message can be printed with one 500 cc ink bottle – giving the user the ability to modify the print message to achieve a higher print quantity or ink savings.

For more information on Matthews products, contact Michelle Spaulding at Matthews Marking Products, 6515 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15206. Telephone (412) 665-2488, fax (412) 365-2042, website: www.matthewsmarking.com .

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