iPad-Controlled Fulfillment

iPad-Controlled Fulfillment

The new iPhone and iPad application for order picking and fulfillment is now available on all Sapient Automation Hornet Horizontal Carousels and Avenger Vertical Carousels and retrofits. Simple click and go icons help organizations lean their operations while increasing operator productivity and order accuracy.

From picking to management to maintenance, the iPhone/iPad application provides easy and intuitive control. Managers can view real time activity levels. Operators can access any shelf or bin with a click or rotate each carousel to browse its contents. The maintenance staff can view basic equipment status and conditions.

The iPhone/iPad application can be used as the carousel’s sole dedicated interface or used in conjunction with a software driven system. Likewise, virtually all horizontal carousels and vertical carousels regardless of their age and manufacturer can be updated with controls to provide not only the iPhone/iPad applications, but also IMHM (Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring) on every carousel.

Sapient Automation, a subsidiary of MDCI
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