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Irista and AFMS Partner to Deliver Powerful Transportation Cost Reduction Opportunities

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, - Irista, Inc., an industry leading developer of logistics management solutions, announces a new strategic partnership with AFMS Transportation Management Group, the nation's leading consulting firm in the areas of domestic and international transportation. Irista and AFMS formed the partnership to respond to increasing rate and service level complexity in the transportation marketplace. This increasing complexity has required competitive businesses to change their focus from discount rates as the basis for negotiation of transportation rates to consideration of the total cost of transportation.

AFMS consultants' expertise and knowledge of carrier pricing strategies and calculation formulas together with Irista's transportation management applications provide a powerful combination of technology, data analysis, and consulting services. Typically generating savings in excess of 20%, this combination of solutions allows customers to accurately measure transportation costs, which provides the basis for ongoing rate analysis and better results in negotiation with carriers.

"The success of any transportation improvement project is contingent upon having access to quality information," said Doug Kahl, Director of AFMS. "Equally important is the knowledge and know-how to leverage this information. By utilizing the data provided by Irista's logistics applications, AFMS consultants can apply their industry leading expertise to implement ongoing savings programs for our customers."

"We are excited to offer our customers an opportunity to reduce shipping costs above and beyond what our technology provides," said Douglas Metcalfe, Irista's Director of Business Development Transportation Solutions. With better carrier and rate strategies generated by AFMS, the ability to optimally execute the carrier selection and rating process is greatly enhanced. Together, AFMS and Irista will greatly extend the financial and operational benefit of effectively managing the transportation process of our customers."

AFMS was founded in 1992 with the idea "Knowledge Is Power." It specializes in showing companies of all sizes how to save money through better discounts, improvements in service levels with carriers, and identification of hidden areas of opportunity where cost savings are often overlooked. For more information regarding AFMS, call 206-762-3222 or e-mail [email protected]

Irista, Inc., an HK Systems company, has a proud history of delivering unique logistics solutions that enable the efficient and accurate flow of raw materials and finished goods through the production, distribution, and delivery process for manufacturers and their 3PL partners. For more information regarding Irista, call 1-866-4irista or visit our website at

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