Irista Joins EPCglobal

Irista Inc., an HK Systems company and a provider of logistics management solutions, has joined EPCglobal, a joint venture of the standards bodies EAN International and the Uniform Code Council.

EPCglobal is a non-profit organization that is developing the standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC) to support the use of radio frequency identification (RFID). As a member-driven organization, EPCglobal is comprised of leading technology providers, consumer goods manufacturers, and distributors that are focused on applying RFID technology in the retail sector.

"Irista is looking forward to collaborating with EPCglobal and other member companies in developing the standards for the EPCglobal network," stated Jim Stollberg, Irista vice president and general manager. "EPC standards-based RFID solutions will provide cohesive data exchange among trading partners that will enable organizations to be more effective through true visibility of information about items in the supply chain. Irista will continue its tradition of participating in the development of emerging technology standards in much the same way we did as members of the Open Applications Group in creating XML-based business object documents."

RFID allows companies to automatically track inventory without the line-of-sight requirements of traditional bar code scanning equipment.

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