ITA Leader to Give Keynote Address at China Industrial Truck Association Event

The Industrial Truck Association (Washington, D.C.) president Jim Malvaso (president and CEO of Raymond Corporation, Green, N.Y.) will give the keynote address at the China Industrial Truck Association’s annual meeting in Shanghai on May 21, 2007.

“The growth in the Chinese domestic market for lift trucks from 18,000 in 2001 to more than 94,000 in 2006 creates significant opportunities for many ITA members,” said Malvaso. “Recognizing this, we have hosted a series of programs during our own annual meeting aimed at making members aware of the business potential in China. While the American market remains the largest in terms of domestic shipments, China has now surpassed Japan as the world’s second largest single country market. Many ITA members are already active in China, and many more are likely to be soon.”

CITA expects about 200 attendees at the meeting, which will feature discussions on standards, statistics and CITA’s application for membership in the Alliance of Industrial Truck Organizations, which was established in 1997 and consists of the Management Committees of the Japan Industrial Vehicle Association (JIVA) and the Federation of European Material Handling Manufacturers (FEM).

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