Italian Firm Buys Texas-Based Robotics Company

BEAUMOUNT, Texas--The assets of C&D Robotics, Inc. are being acquired by Euroimpianti SpA, located in Schio, Italy. Euroimpianti SpA produces automated end-of-line palletizing systems, such as scara robots, articulated arm robots, laser guided vehicles and automatic truck loading, with thousands of installations in more than 40 countries. The updated company name will be C&D Skilled Robotics Inc.

C&D Skilled Robotics Inc. will continue to design, manufacture, and service state-of-the-art gantry palletizing systems as well as offer its “Skilled” line of proven articulated arm robots, scara robots, and laser guided vehicles (LGV’s) from its primary locations in Beaumont, Texas and Schio, Italy. The combined revenues of the companies will be $31 million or more for 2008.

This purchase allows C&D and Euroimpianti to offer an expanded product line t more effectively serve the continuously changing needs of our customers and provide the logistics to reach a broader range of clientele.

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