End to End hardware and software solution allows distributors and end users to remotely monitor inventory levels in real time and automate their reorder process.

Fremont, California - Loadstar Sensors, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of its complete end to end hardware and software solution to automate the process of replenishing inventory at customers' point-of-use sites. This intelligent vendor managed inventory solution, called iVMIT, monitors the level of parts in a bin by weighing its contents. Weight information is transferred from the sensor to a PC running eTurns software via wired (USB) or wireless (Zigbee) protocols. The system computes the number of parts in a bin using weight per part information from a database. The number of parts in each bin is compared to set minimum/maximum levels and suggested orders or alerts are automatically sent to buyers or stockroom managers.

This automated reordering technique can save an average-sized part supplier 50%-75% over current inventory management techniques by:

Reducing travel time and fuel cost of sending a person to check on inventory levels
Eliminating the need to manually examine each bin and note down what needs to be ordered
Improving remote visibility into inventory levels on a real time basis
Prevents stock outs by predicting when certain parts will run out well in time to replenish

In addition it can be used to reduce pilferage and provide better visibility between end users, distributors and manufacturers.

Many parts suppliers, whether they are vendors, distributors or manufacturers, are tasked with the problem of maintaining adequate inventory at their customer's point-of-use sites. "If a customer runs out of inventory, it could shut down the customer's entire production line. Before iVMIT, most parts suppliers had to hire people to visit remote customer sites and do inventory counts and orders manually. Now with iVMIT, Loadstar's digital load cells will constantly measure inventory levels in a bin at the customer site and inventory software will use that information to place orders based on parameters set by customers," said Div Harish, Co-Founder & CEO of Loadstar Sensors.

For more information about the iVMI, please visit www.loadstarsensors.com or call 510-623-9600.

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