Raleigh, NC - Schmalz, the specialists for vacuum technology, round out their range of handling solutions with the brand-new vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex. The JumboFlex is designed for fast and ergonomic handling of goods up to 75lbs and offers:

• maximum flexibility in one-hand-handling of plastic bags, sacks, barrels, cans, buckets & pails,…
• higher productivity and efficiency in quickly handling a great variety of products at transfer stations or in packaging/logistics palletizing processes
• a wide range of features for safe & easy handling, already included in the standard version:
o Quick-change adapter: for switching between the various vacuum grippers within seconds
o Rotation feature : for rotating the workpiece endlessly, with detents every 90°
o Turning feature: for gripping the workpiece from the side and then turn it around
automatically to the horizontal position
o Release feature: for simple release of the workpiece through intelligent valve technology

The new vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex is available in two versions for maximum loads of 45lbs and 75lbs. The unit can be mounted on crane systems, on wall or column-mounted slewing cranes or on existing overhead cranes, and can thus be used practically everywhere where it is needed. Depending on the requirements, the vacuum can be generated with an electric pump or with a multi-stage ejector powered by compressed-air.

The JumboFlex will be presented for the first time at the PackExpo 2008 (Nov. 9-13, Chicago IL),
Schmalz Booth number 2718.

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5250 Old Wake Forest Rd, Suite 150
Raleigh, NC 27609
Tel. (919) 713-0880, ext. 28
Fax (919) 713-0883
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