Jungheinrich Introduces Green Lift Truck

RICHMOND, Va.—Jungheinrich has introduced its EFG 425-430 four-wheel counterbalanced lift truck as a “green” alternative to internal combustion (IC) lift trucks.

The 6,000-pound-capacity AC electric lift truck releases no emissions and can be used indoors or outdoors. It provides up to 15% greater energy efficiency than trucks with shunt-wound DC motors according to Jungheinrich. The EFG 425-430 is scheduled for service every 1,000 hours.

The truck’s high-torque capability contributes to rapid work cycles, and its energy-efficient, 80-volt power unit means long operation per battery charge. In many cases, one battery charge is sufficient for two work shifts, according to Jungheinrich.

The EFG 425-430 reaches travel speeds of up to 12.4 mph with a load and loaded lift speeds of up to 108.3 foot per minute.

The truck’s solid-state, electric braking system feeds energy back to the battery when the accelerator is released. And, the truck’s wear-resistant, multiple wet disc brake system is fully enclosed. The parking brake is electrically operated, allowing the brake to be automatically engaged when the truck is stationary and automatically released when the operator starts to drive, thus eliminating uncontrolled rolling.

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