Just Born Just Buys a New DC

BETHLEHEM, PA—The candy manufacturer, partnering with global logistics provider, OHL, has purchased a 600,710-square foot warehouse that will serve as the central storage and distribution center for all products.

Founded in 1923, Just Born manufactures such well-known candies as Peeps, Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike and Teenee Beanee. They are manufactured in Bethlehem. The company’s Peanut Chews candies are produced in Philadelphia.

Just Born’s current DC is located in Scranton, PA, which is 75 miles distant from Bethlehem, which is in the Lehigh Valley. By moving distribution activities closer to its manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Just Born expects to eliminate more than half-a-million truck-miles from Pennsylvania roads.

"Just Born is always looking for ways to improve our customer service. That we can do that while benefiting the Lehigh Valley economy and reducing our environmental impact is a win-win-win,” observes Just Born executive vice president and COO, Matt Petronio. “The close proximity of this distribution center to our plant will help us remain competitive by decreasing our logistics costs and significantly reducing our carbon foot print."

To be operated by OHL, the building will be upgraded to a Food Grade, FDA certified facility. The 3PL will provide an integrated logistics solution that will include value-added warehousing, distribution, and transportation management services.

OHL will also manage a multi-vendor consolidated shipping program. The environmentally-conscious program is aimed at facilitating customer shipments across the country on behalf of a growing number of participating confectionery companies. "Consolidating freight with other confectionery companies will allow Just Born to streamline operations," says Bob Spieth, OHL President of Contract Logistics.

Just Born is concerned with its environmental impact. In addition to upgrading the facility to being FDA certified, the renovation plan will pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Amenities will include environmentally friendly and energy efficient HVAC, roof, and lighting systems.

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