JVC Disc Implements HighJump RFID Solution

HighJump Software (Eden Prairie, Minn.), a provider of supply-chain execution solutions, announced that JVC Disc America Co. has implemented its HighJump Compliance Advantage radio frequency identification (RFID) solution. JVC Disc America, a manufacturer and distributor of compact discs, CD-ROMs and DVDs, implemented the HighJump solution at its Kennesaw, Ga. fulfillment center to provide its customers with the ability to meet retail RFID requirements.

The Kennesaw facility ships more than 4 million units each month directly to stores or distribution centers, with volume peaking at 17 million units per month during October and November. An increasing number of these orders require case or pallet-level RFID tagging to meet the requirements of major retail chains. JVC Disc America uses HighJump Compliance Advantage to incorporate RFID tagging into standard distribution operations, avoiding the need for a stand-alone work area and manual separation of shipments requiring RFID. All order processing stations are now capable of completing orders with either bar codes or RFID. This will accommodate future increases in the number of RFID tagged-orders without any disruption to operational flow.

JVC Disc America is evaluating other internal applications for RFID. These include RFID tagging of all inbound and outbound pallets, as well as automatic dock door-based readings to simplify both shipping and inventory management during peak periods.

"JVC supports leading interactive entertainment and software publishers whose ship dates are critical to meeting product launches," said Ron Vangrov, v.p. and general manager, JVC Disc America. "The HighJump system allows us to incorporate a reliable, seamless method of RFID tagging while ensuring we consistently meet these dates for our customers."

"A lot of systems we considered would have forced us to mold our operations to the software's existing processes, requiring inefficient workarounds and additional staff training," said Pat Chandler, IT manager, JVC Disc America. "HighJump Compliance Advantage adapts to the processes we've always used to successfully meet customer orders. It also gives us the freedom to make changes when necessary to remain competitive."

JVC Disc America Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVC America Inc. The company is privately held. Annual revenue for Victor Company of Japan (JVC’s parent company) exceeds $3 billion. JVC Disc operates a replication plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala., as well as a manufacturing plant in Japan. In addition to these replication plants, JVC Disc has a full-service fulfillment facility in Kennesaw, Ga.

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