Keep Cold Chain in Check

Keep Cold Chain in Check

TempTRIP offers a cost effective way to monitor time/temperature data in the supply chain. The system is appropriate for a broad range of perishable foods (meat, dairy, juices, produce, ready-to eat meals, and other fresh or processed foods) as well as pharmaceutical and medical applications (medications, plasma, medical devices, etc.).

The system incorporates three basic components—RFID smart cards, RFID reader with optional integrated barcode scanner, and the Internet. The smart card is placed on the pallet (or other designated location such as an individual case or in certain locations within a trailer load, depending on the level of detail desired). The reader scans the pallet’s bar code and writes it, wirelessly, to the smart card’s memory. Temperature is recorded continuously, at whatever time intervals are specified.

When the TempTRIP-tagged pallets arrive at distribution center they are “read” to determine what temperature fluctuations have occurred. Results are sent, via USB or cellular transmission, to a dedicated page on the Internet, with optional email and text alerts sent to the chain partners.

The tags can be read and restarted at any time to record new segments with new starting and ending times.


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