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Keeping Its Cool

As meat travels through a batch process, temperatures must be verified at every step. In the past, Booker Packing of Texas stopped its line to take core and surface readings every half hour. Now new Batch Process monitoring from FreshLoc Technologies allows Booker to set time and temperature parameters, then launch the batch and monitor it online. Stopping to take manual readings is a thing of the past.

Booker earlier implemented FreshLoc temperature monitoring throughout its process. Ambient temperatures can be viewed on a map of the plant, and meat probes show the temperatures of carcasses as they travel the line. Alerts are sent if temperatures get out of range.

“We liked the convenience of FL wireless probes; getting automatic readings from our livestock line to the desktop really eliminated some handwork,” says Raymond Halliburton, Booker’s quality control manager. “Batch process monitoring just takes it to the next level -- basically, the product knows what temperature it should be every step of the way, and alerts us if it gets out of range.”

FreshLoc’s system stores the data locally before passing it to Web-based servers. This redundancy guarantees accessibility; it also ensures the integrity of HACCP records. Tony Orel, Booker’s plant manager, states, “Food safety now must be every plant’s No. 1 priority.”

FreshLoc Technologies,, 972-759-0111.

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