Kenco Logistic Services To Manage Whirlpool Distribution Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio-Kenco Logistic Services LLC, has been awarded management of a 1.6 million square foot Whirlpool Distribution Center in Columbus, scheduled to open October 1st. Kenco will take over management of the existing facility, located less than a mile from the new one, on September 1st and then manage the transition into the new building.

According to Greg Boring, director of operations, Kenco Logistic Services, "As we assume the management of this state-of-the-art facility, we fully expect to employ most of the current 180 full-time employees and 60 temporary workers. Their skill, dedication and understanding of Whirlpool's operational needs will allow a seamless transition from the previous management company to Kenco Logistic Services."

Kenco has been a third-party provider to Whirlpool since 1979. With this facility, Kenco manages 5,135,730 square feet for the appliance manufacturer.

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