Kennedy Group Named Qualified Converter

The Kennedy Group's radio frequency identification (RFID) group, a turnkey leader in EPC-compliant solutions featuring one of the industry's most extensive testing facilities, has been named an Alien Technology Corporation Qualified Converter.

The Kennedy Group is the first supplier of EPC Class 1 RFID smart labels to successfully complete Alien's qualification program. The program establishes The Kennedy Group as a high-quality, high-volume supplier of Alien EPC Class 1 smart labels.

"Becoming the first qualified converter in Alien's program demonstrates that our manufacturing equipment and automated in-line verification capabilities brings value to suppliers that need to meet the mandate set by large retailers and government agencies," said Patrick Kennedy, The Kennedy Group vice president/marketing and sales.

The Kennedy Group has positioned itself to meet these needs by being committed to the purchasing of inlays, and adding equipment capacity that gives it the ability to produce substantial volumes of Smart Therm labels in a shorter lead time.

In addition, the company uses its testing facility in conjunction with the Smart Therm labels it manufactures to verify that the technology will work in customers' application. The Kennedy Group also provides a solution to automatic application of Smart Therm labels with its SmartOne RFID Applicator. The applicator possesses a silent tag eject function, which is another step in quality control.

Smart Therm labels featuring Alien transponders can be used in general-purpose and freezer-grade applications. Smart Therm labels are available in various sizes and adhesives that have been approved by the Food & Drug Administration for indirect food contact.

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