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Kennedy Group Placard

Kennedy Group Placard

The Kennedy Group introduces an <a href="" target="_blank">industrial freezer-grade rack placard</a> in a variety of colors.

The new industrial freezer-grade adhesive formula has an initial bond at freezing conditions and maintains the bond in service temperatures ranging from -40 *F to 250 *F. It is designed to withstand indoor and outdoor environments and resists water and humidity in freezer-storage applications, according to the Kennedy Group.

The rack placard is available in a variety of colors to help mask nicks and scuff marks from prior label damage by lift trucks. The system features a pressure-sensitive adhesive that affixes to the rack. The Kennedy Group claims that the label can easily be removed and prevents mislabeled and misidentified racks. Rack placards are available in rolls of standard widths of one to four inches and a standard length of 100 feet. The placard material can be cut to any length, affixed to a variety of surface materials and will accept most standard label adhesives.

The Kennedy Group

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