KGF-P 2040

Bloomfield, CT - mk Automation, Inc. announces the new belt curve conveyor designed for smooth product turns and transfer of small and delicate parts; also useful where production lines require space saving conveyor configurations. Compatible with all other mk Conveyor Systems, the model KGF-P 2040 is based on mk Profile Series 40. The frame features 10mm T-slotted aluminum construction that has excellent load bearing capacities which allows for the direct mounting of side rails, sensors and other accessories. The compact designed conveyor features a 20mm rolling knife edge, permitting efficient and gentle parts transfer from in-feed to out-feed.

The compact center drives is located below the conveyor eliminating external interference. Standard belt curve radius is 90° or 180° available upon request. The conveyor is equipped with automatic belt tensioning to accommodate normal belt stretch, resulting in reduced belt wear as well as ensuring a fixed installed dimension. In addition, the belt is entirely supported by a stainless steel slider bed for low friction and product support along its entire surface. Transilon belt made of Urethane, Polyester or PVC types with smooth woven and velvety surfaces are available; these belt types are antistatic and FDA suitable. Applications for model KGF-P2040 belt curve conveyor include medical, food, package goods, plastics and electronics part manufacturing and more. Distributors wanted.

Mike Higgins Sales & Business Development Manager
Phone: 860-769-5500
FAX: 860-769-5505

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