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Komatsu Forklift Replaces Kalmar Brand

Komatsu Forklift USA, Inc. (Covington, Ga.) launched a new division and introduced the Tusk Lift Trucks brand. Tusk Lift Trucks will replace the Kalmar AC forklift brand.

Reported features of Tusk trucks include easily accessible engines and comfortable operator compartments.

"We built this product for the experienced, streetwise forklift buyer who understands that the real costs of owning a lift truck encompass much more than just acquisition price,” said Eric Kobori, vice president of marketing.

Tusk Lift Trucks employs over 300 people and supports a network of more than 75 independent dealers nationwide. Tusk offers over 120 electric and I.C.E. lift truck models with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 35,000 lbs. As part of the brand launch, the company will also revamp its dealer support system.
Source: Komatsu Forklift USA, Inc.

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