Komatsu Unveils Hybrid Electric Lift Truck

COVINGTON, Ga.—Komatsu Forklift USA Inc. unveiled a hybrid electric lift truck at NA 2008, the material handling and logistics show presented by the Material Handling Industry of America in Cleveland.

Komatsu executives say the lift truck is the first of its kind in the world and offers improved energy efficiencies. The lift truck can work for 11 hours per day with a one-hour opportunity charge during the shift, according to the company. A sealed battery, built-in inverter charger, capacitor and on-board charge controller keep the truck running at peak performance throughout the work cycle, Komatsu officials say.

The truck draws power from a capacitor and a motive power industrial battery. The controller captures five different sources of regenerated current and stores the energy in a large capacitor. The capacitor, directed by the on-board controller, then delivers current to the truck.

The new lift truck is commercially available in Japan and will soon be available in North America, according to Komatsu.

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