Konecranes Offers Crane Studies

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio—Konecranes Inc., a manufacturer of overhead lifting equipment, is offering Crane Reliability Surveys (CRS) to customers to provide information that allows them to achieve high lifecycle value for their lifting equipment.

A team of experienced specialists will study documentation, interview crane users and use diagnostic tools to uncover problems that are undetectable by standard regulatory inspections, says the company.

“If problems are detected, the customer can address them in advance to prevent injuries from occurring,” according to Konecranes. “The CRS can also help to improve crane performance and reliability by providing a guide for repairs, upgrades, and modernizations.”

The CRS is divided into four modules: CORE inspection and analysis; structures and working conditions; components and maintenance; and reliability. The CORE inspection and analysis is an overall inspection and analysis of the crane, including service life analysis, crane inspection, crane identification and CRS executive summary. The structures and working conditions analysis is an examination of the crane's condition, including ambient conditions analysis, power-supply analysis, geometric analysis and steel structure analysis. The components analysis is an assessment of the condition of the crane's key components, an electrical component analysis and an analysis of the motor, rope, gears and hook.

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