Kroger Uses Elogex in Battle for Consumer Spend

CHARLOTTE,N.C. (March 17, 2003) -- Elogex, Inc., a leading innovator of network-based supply chain process solutions, announced today that The Kroger Co. (NYSE:KR) has signed a multi-year, enterprise-wide agreement to expand its use of the Elogex OneNetwork™. Kroger has been using the system for the past year across select distribution centers and will now extend the solution to support the entire company.

Kroger went live with the Elogex OneNetwork in less than 90 days and quickly generated process improvements and bottom-line results that encouraged the company to implement across its enterprise. Kroger is also implementing automated on-line appointment scheduling in order to reduce time and costs associated with the order shipment lifecycle.

The Elogex OneNetwork -- a web-based platform to manage logistics planning and execution -- enables increased visibility to reduce supply chain costs and increase service levels.The solution allows companies to move beyond the capabilities of traditional transportation management systems to reach across its enterprises to link processes and people. Companies can inter-network between shipping and receiving departments; customer sales representatives can confirm orders with merchandising; and retailers, manufacturers and carriers can streamline processes across one common platform.

“Kroger has a 120-year heritage of leadership in the grocery market by consistently making smart, forward-thinking business process decisions,”said Travis Parsons, president and CEO of Elogex. “Kroger chose to extend their usage because they surpassed their projected return and consistently hit implementation milestones; the fact that Kroger exceeded their expected ROI is additional validation of the value that our logistics platform can provide.”

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