Label Printer Applicator

Label Printer Applicator

EXPORT, PA – FOX IV Technologies, Inc. announces another advancement in the automated shipping process with the release of its updated TwinPrint Label Printer Applicator.

The patented FOX IV TwinPrint Label Printer Applicator automates the entire shipping label/packing slip process – no more printing, folding, stuffing and applying packing slips or shipping labels by hand to the cartons and no more customer complaints that the address label and packing slip don’t match.

The FOX IV TwinPrint Label Printer Applicator is a print and apply system equipped with two printheads. It prints and automatically applies both the shipping label information and the packing slip information on a single label. This guarantees that the shipping address label always matches the packing slip. The Label Printer Applicator is mounted above the conveyor and prints and applies the shipping label/packing slip to the top of a shipping carton at speeds up to 25 cartons per minute. There is no need to stop the carton for this label application.

Like all the label printer applicators in FOX IV’s Uniwall Series, The TwinPrint System comes standard with a 16-inch OD label roll and a rugged unwind/rewind system that is gentle on the label webbing. The 16-inch standard OD roll provides 75% more label capacity than the industry standard 12-inch OD roll.

The FOX IV TwinPrint is backed by FOX IV’s reputation for rugged and dependable equipment. Other features and benefits of FOX IV’s Uniwall Series include a unique Uniwall design that ensures perfect perpendicular alignment of the media rollers and print-head assembly; silk-screened media paths to reduce downtime due to change-over errors and incorrect loading of media; a practical user interface with intuitive displays for easy viewing and fast menu-hopping; dynamic tension control to reduce web breakage by keeping a constant, even tension on the label backing during application; and positive-pressure cabinets to keep debris and fluids away from sensitive elements and prevent overheating.

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