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Labeler Offers Direct Support for Oracle, SAP

This labeler offers a direct connection between the machine and Oracle and SAP programs. It will also automatically copy e-mail attachments to the directory, or another application, generating the file in the directory.

Full release:

EASYLABEL 5.5 Platinum's XML Monitor will 'watch' a file directory or TCP/IP port and will automatically print labels whenever a compatible XML file is received. This provides a direct connection to Oracle and SAP. The file drop can also be: your E-mail application automatically copying an E-mail attachment to the directory, or another application automatically generating the file in the directory.

EASY integration with any XML enabled application
EASYLABEL 5.5 Platinum's XML Generator enables you to generate XML from a given format file(s). The Generator prompts for the format file name(s), the number of labels to print, which printer to use, and the variable data used to populate the fields on the format. The XML file that results from the Generator can be used as a template that can be uploaded to and populated from within an XML enabled application. XML files can come from any application that can output XML.

DoD and Gen2 RFID support
EASYLABEL 5.5's RFID Wizard has been changed to make it even easier to create RFID labels. Support for DoD (Department of Defense) 64-bit and 96-bit encodings and the Generation 2 RFID tag type were also added to the RFID Wizard.

EASY Automation
A new feature called a Job List File has been added to EASYLABEL 5.5. A Job List File is basically a saved print queue. Job lists can be created to print specific sequences of labels. This provides an EASY way to automate repetitive printing for tasks such as pick lists.

Major Change
EASYLABEL 5.5 will no longer function without a Hardware Protection Key. Therefore, a new DEMO version of EASYLABEL 5.5 is now available for download. The DEMO version runs without a Hardware Protection Key and is used to demonstrate the capabilities of EASYLABEL 5.5. The installation of a Hardware Protection Key will not turn a DEMO version into a full version.

A more detailed explanation of these and other features can be found within these documents.
XML Whitepaper
SAP Whitepaper
Oracle Whitepaper
Job List Whitepaper

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