Large-Character Ink Jet Printers

Large-Character Ink Jet Printers

The Videojet 2300 Series of large-character ink jet printers offers superior code quality and improved flexibility for easier production line integration and operation. Automated micropurging of the printheads during operation helps eliminate frequent downtime, while maintaining high-quality printing, even in dusty environments. During the micropurge these printers recycle and reuse ink.

By printing variable information onto cases on-line, these printers can reduce inventory expense by eliminating the need for preprinted cases. They also can be a cost-effective alternative to print-and-apply labeling, with the ability to print text, logos and GS1-compliant bar codes up to 2.7 inches.

A rounded front plate protects the printhead from impact by boxes on the line, ensuring consistent print quality in secondary packaging applications. The printers are available with an optional remote user interface based on the CLARiTY operating system, which makes it easy to change settings or select messages for printers in hard-to-access areas, such as on an elevated conveyor or in tight production environments.


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