Laser Guided Vehicles

(Charlotte, NC) - Transbotics Corporation (, announced that they have officially released their new fork style laser-guided vehicle (LGV), which has both counterbalanced and reach lift capabilitiesThis LGV utilizes the latest in LaserWay® technology that recognizes round reflectors to continuously position itself within the system. Our new round reflectors provide greater accuracy and flexibility compared to our flat reflectors, since they are easier to recognize, and eliminate false readings. The new vehicle is also equipped with laser safety bumpers that can dynamically vary in the field of safety depending on the requirements of the system. While this vehicle was designed to meet the customers' specifications of handling various loads weighing up to 3,000 pounds, it can be customized to handle loads of many different sizes and weights.

The new vehicle will be a part of a system that utilizes proven C-Way® software. The software is extremely important when considering the "whole" solution. C-Way® creates a graphical view of the system, which allows for easy monitoring. Color-coding makes it simple to quickly view the status of the vehicles (location, vehicle load, low battery, e-stopped, etc.). In addition, status from I/O units connected to the system allows for display of open doors or the presence of a load at a station. The software is very easy to use and was developed with the customer in mind. This unique software not only allows the user to make layout changes easily but also can page an operator with predefined system message as they occur.

For information call 1-704-362-1115 or visit

Ryan S. Willis
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Transbotics Corporation
P: 704.362.1115 (x207)
F: 704.364.4039
[email protected]

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