Laser Measurement Sensor

The high speed, high-precision inspection capability of this laser sensor system make it ideal for applications in the automotive, electronic parts assembly, and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Full release:

Omron's (Schaumburg, Ill.) new ZS smart measurement sensor combines two-dimensional CMOS imaging with precise laser measurement to create a high-speed, high sensitivity inspection system. Its 110µs response time and 0.25µm resolution enable it to inspect moving work pieces and capture data on the fly, while the customizable gain setting lets users optimize performance for specific environmental conditions. The ZS features simple modular plug-and-play ease of installation as well as separate sensing heads and amplifiers.

Five sensor heads are available for the ZS, for distances ranging from 20 to 200 mm, and measuring ranges from +/- 1 to +/- 50 mm. Two regular reflection heads handle transparent and mirror-surface work pieces; three diffuse reflection heads are able to measure black rubber and dark plastic work pieces. Data is transferred between the sensing head and amplifier via high-speed interface with no signal degradation. All heads are rated IP67 to withstand wash down for measurements in harsh environments.

Amplifiers have a two-line message display that supplement present value and set value displays for more informative monitoring. Stackable amplifiers support up to nine sensing heads for a scalable inspection solution. The sensor expands with a multi-controller unit for calculations, a data storage unit for data logging, and software for setup and reporting.

The ZS sensor system is currently available from stock.

For further information, contact Omron Electronics LLC,

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