Laser Scanner Takes Hard Knocks

Laser Scanner Takes Hard Knocks

Datalogic’s PowerScan PBT8300 laser scanner with Bluetooth wireless technology is designed for operators in industrial environments requiring maximum mobility and versatility in a cordless device that can handle knocks, shocks, hits and drops.

For forklift trucks with Vehicle Mount Terminals (VMT), using Bluetooth wireless technology, a direct interface can be created between the scanner and a host computer without the need for an intermediate receiver.

Class 1, 2.0 Bluetooth wireless technology provides an operating range exceeding 90 m / 295 ft in open air environments. If a shorter radio range is sufficient, the scanner can be configured to operate within Class 2 specifications. Data security is guaranteed by the configurable PIN which assures user authentication and data encryption.

The scanner has been designed and tested to withstand extreme shock conditions, exceeding 50 drops from 2.0 m / 6.5 ft., while reading performance and accuracy remain unchanged. The IP65/IP64 rating for dust and water protection makes it suitable for tough industrial applications.

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