YORK, PA—Red Lion is pleased to announce the latest addition to their Large Display Series, the LDSS Serial Slave Display. The LDSS provides an excellent way to display data in a large, easy to read format. Available in display heights of 2.25 inches and 4 inches—with readability up to 130 feet and 180 feet, respectively—the LDSS 6 digit display can be viewed from virtually anywhere on the plant floor. The LDSS accepts serial ASCII data from meters, controllers, computers, PLCs and other back-of-panel devices. It can also be used as a remote display to show product counts, target numbers, cycle time, production rate and other pertinent data.

With its dual display buffer, the LDSS delivers advanced data monitoring capabilities. The buffer can be programmed to automatically alternate between the main and secondary displays, or users can switch displays by sending a serial string command. Its excellent visibility and ability to display data as a remote or slave display, even in harsh industrial environments, make the LDSS the perfect solution for viewing stored data in industrial applications.

“Successful plant operations rely upon the transmission of accurate, easily visible data, and the LDSS does just that,” said Jeff Thornton, Red Lion product manager. “By projecting collected serial ASCII data from a wide range of host devices, the LDSS provides a large display for critical production data, including temperature, operation time, pressure, weight, and media levels.” Thornton adds, “In addition, the LDSS’s secondary display option supplies manufacturers with a multitude of monitoring possibilities.”

The LDSS is enclosed in a sealed NEMA 4X enclosure made of lightweight aluminum, and the display offers selectable RS232 or RS485 serial interface ports. Additional features include complete numeric and extensive alphabetic capability, adjustable display intensity, decimal point transmission with acquired data, and various reset options.

For more information, or to find the Red Lion distributor nearest you, go to or contact: Red Lion Controls, Inc., 20 Willow Springs Circle, York, PA 17402; (717) 767-6511.

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