Lean Palletizing System

Greenville, Wis. — QComp Technologies, Inc., has introduced the new 260 Lean Palletizing System designed specifically for palletizing at end-of-line applications. The rugged lean cell offers unprecedented flexibility with its highly portable design, allowing manufacturers quick changeover, low maintenance and 24/7 operation.

“Our new robotic palletizer system has a modular design that allows flexibility, high throughput and simple, reliable operation,” says Tom Doyle, president of QComp Technologies, Inc. “Using a decentralized concept, our customers can palletize closer to the point of production, eliminating long conveyor runs. Adding our AGV to the system for transporting the full pallet to a stretch wrapper eliminates costly pallet conveyors.”

Utilizing a four-axis ABB–IRB 260 robot, the lean cell system can pick and place up to 15 cases per minute, with a case weight of up to 45 pounds (20 kilograms). With straight-through or over/under layout, the system can use either manual forklifts or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for empty and full-pallet handling. An optional pallet dispenser and slip-sheet dispenser are available.

AGV integration allows automated handling from point of production to stretch wrapper. By adding an AGV to the cell, manufacturers can eliminate the use of pallet conveyors, reduce labor costs, increase plant floor safety, and eliminate product and conveyor damage caused by human error.

The advanced system comes equipped with a Rockwell MicroLogix 1500 PLC, while employing ABB’s “Pickmaster 5” software for flexibility and reliability. This enhanced package makes the integration of picking, packing and palletizing easy via an intuitive graphical interface, which optimizes production while handling any packing and palletizing pattern.

The 10- by 10-foot (3- by 3-meter) palletizing cell, which is preassembled for quick start-up, features a 36-inch (91 centimeter) scissors lift for maximum pallet height and can handle pallet heights of up to 86 inches (218 centimeters).

For more information, contact:
Tom Doyle, P.E.
QComp Technologies, Inc.
(920) 757-0775, Ext. 111
[email protected]

Founded in 1991, QComp Technologies, Inc. is an ABB robotics integrator, providing automation solutions for a variety of industries. The company designs and builds automated robotic manufacturing cells, automatic guided vehicles and materials handling systems, as well as engineers and manufactures drive systems for paper, metal and converting industries. With headquarters in Greenville, Wis., QComp has sales and service offices in Milwaukee and Wausau Wisconsin.

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