Lean Tool Kit

Lean Tool Kit

Visual Workplace, Inc. offers the 5S Kit, a workplace organization solution that contains products and educational tools to start a 5S program or sustain an existing one. It includes 5S red tags with a red tag area sign, SHADOW-Mark to designate a specific location for each item in the workplace, peel and stick FLOOR-Mark for visual control and organization, and FLOOR-Mark corners in various colors, with protective clear covers.

Educational resources consist of a Visual Workplace Factory Makeover DVD, GBMP 5S Challenges video, and a 5S Resource DVD. The kit also includes a Visual Workplace color template that comes with all the pieces to assemble a workplace color standards display board.

The five S’s of a 5S program include:
Sort – Identify/label items not needed in a work area by “red-tagging” each
Set in Order – Organize, identify and arrange everything in a work area
Shine – Regular cleaning and maintenance
Standardize – Make it easy to maintain by simplifying and standardizing
Sustain – Maintaining what has been accomplished

Visual Workplace, Inc.

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