Learning About Cranes is Easier than Ever

FISHERS, NY-A newly designed Web site will make learning about Gorbel Inc. overhead cranes a simple matter.

For those who know the product they’re looking for, detailed product pages link to that product’s brochures, case studies, manuals and video content.

If visitors aren’t familiar with overhead handling products, an Application Wizard tool guides them through simple questions about their application to help gauge their best options. There’s an architectural section tailored to the needs of architects and engineers.

There are several search capabilities to quickly help guide visitors. A general Search box is on every page for specific keyword searches.

Case studies are searchable by industry or by product. A media library allows a keyword search to find videos, photos, and documents that reference that keyword.

The new site offers an Ask Our Experts section that offers downloadable brochures and manuals for all Gorbel products, online warranty registration and more. Visit the refreshed site: www.gorbel.com.

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