Preventing falls off elevated material loading and unloading access points is easy with the LedgeGuard Mezzanine Gate. The system has 2 gates, and 1 is ALWAYS CLOSED, even if someone forgets. LedgeGuard’s design is ingenious, because it protects plant personnel without slowing them down or getting in their way. Your employees will actually enjoy using it. Just don’t tell them it’s a safety device!

LedgeGuard is easy to install, has a small footprint and doesn’t interfere with tall loads. The landing area easily accommodates a 50” x 50” machinery pallet. And LedgeGuard’s opened height is only 82”, well under the height of most low ceilings.

With LedgeGuard, OSHA compliant fall protection is always in place, and so easy to use nobody complains!

Call 763-694-2624 or e-mail: [email protected]

Client Contact: Jim Sidla
Garlock Equipment
2601 Niagara Lane, Plymouth, Minnesota 55447
URL: www.railguard.net
E-mail: [email protected]
1-800-328-9522 Local: (763) 553-1935 FAX: 763.553.1093

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