Less is More: Xerox Makes Remanufacturing Pay

  • Xerox has kept more than 1.5 billion pounds of waste out of landfills since 1991 by taking back and remanufacturing copiers and printers that have reached their end of life and by reusing or recycling parts from them. That weight is equivalent to a line of more than 88,000 school buses stretching for 550 miles. Last year alone, the company prevented 161 million pounds of materials from entering landfills, through reuse and recycling of Xerox equipment and supplies.

In its quest for continuous improvement, this year Xerox has:

  • Required materials and component suppliers to meet a more stringent environmental, health and safety standard for the chemical content of parts and materials used in Xerox products.

    Qualified additional cartridges and waste toners for remanufacture.

For more information, contact Ron Giuntini, executive director, OEM Product-Services Institute, at [email protected], or 570.523.9522.

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