Library Boxes

Rehrig Pacific has created the ultimate suite of containers for the most advanced automated library storage and retrieval systems being built today in Europe, Asia, and North America. These first-of-their-kind reinforced plastic containers are designed with smooth interiors and sturdy bases to cradle everything from ancient texts to modern electronic media. The containers will be held on ledgers in storage racks for up to seventy years of service with minimal deflection. The maximum weight of their valuable contents will be between 85kg-150kg per container depending on size.

The storage racks will be built in a controlled, fire-safe, low oxygen and low light environment which eliminates the need for a sprinkler system which could cause irreparable water damage to the collections. Special features include conveyor bottoms, multiple dividers, molded in cell identification, bar code labeling and provisions for RFID tags and labels. These containers can be used with different types of extraction units, either front-pull or bottom-lift, currently used in AS/RS systems. Multiple heights and footprints are available including 1,036mm x 520mm x 325mm, 1,036mm x 520mm x 525mm and 1,036mm x 800mm x 425mm. Additional types and sizes are planned.

For additional information contact either our US or UK sales office.
Rehrig Pacific Company Rehrig Pacific UK Ltd.
Phone: +1 (913) 585-1175 Phone: +44 (0)7809 395654
Toll Free: (800) 546-4993 Contact: Kevin Youens
Contact: J. P. Michaud Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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