Interroll Develops Speed Controller Specifically for Pushback Storage Systems with LIFO Roller Tracks

NEWMARKET, Ontario, Combining safety and efficiency, Interroll’s LIFO (last-in, first-out) Speed Control System operates without resistance during the storage process, and only transfers its brake force to the pallets to be unloaded. Developed specifically for pushback storage systems with LIFO roller tracks, Interroll’s reliable speed controller features a flexible design that allows it to be quickly and easily retrofitted to replace conventional speed controllers.

“Our LIFO Speed Controller provides the ability for the fork lift operator to load and remove stored items in a safer manner,” said Mr. Dave Schut, Engineering Manager, Interroll Dynamic Storage. “The resistant-less operation is ideal in applications that feature deep insertion channels, as the pallet load has a great effect on the forklift truck.”

The LIFO Speed Controller can also increase productivity and safety by automatically controlling the speed of a pallet’s decent down the lane.

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