Lift Table

Advance Lifts, Inc. of St. Charles, Illinois has developed a completely new machine tool lift table design for ultra high cycle material handling applications. When heavy loads need to be moved quickly and with consistent repeatability and/or a lift is expected to operate in an application which will exceed millions of cycles, an ultra high cycle lift is the answer. In the lift structure, sliders replace wheels for greater contact area, which reduces stress and wear. Cylinders are double acting and connected directly to the platform corners, which provides better load support and less deflection. The 10 horsepower continuously running power unit provides speeds up to 40 fpm and is equipped with a PLC proportional valve, which eliminates shock at the start and stop of a cycle. The standard operating system provides accuracy and repeatability of +/- ¼ inch between two points. When greater accuracy to +/- .030 inch is required a position control system that measures platform position is available.

For over 30 years, Advance Lifts, Inc. has been manufacturing loading dock equipment, work positioners, lifts tables, recycling equipment and packaging equipment. Put Advance Lifts engineering expertise to work for you!

To find out more information visit us on the Internet at

For technical information contact Dave Turkes, [email protected] or call 800-843-3625.

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