Lift Truck Competition Smooth As Butter

LONDON, U.K.—The top 10 lift truck drivers for Arla Foods competed in the company’s first “Driver of the Year” competition.

The drivers engaged in head-to-head competition to test skills and operational knowledge.

This is the first time Arla Foods has decided to sponsor such a competition for its drivers. Linde Material Handling hosted the event at its Basingstoke manufacturing facility in Leeds, UK. Andrew Ramsden, one of Arla Foods’ key warehouse operatives, says, “This year was a pilot. We opened up initial rounds of selection from our National Distribution Center in Leeds. Following a knowledge-and-driving test, we narrowed down the five top finalists from both the reach truck and low-level order picking categories.”

James Bridson, Arla Foods warehouse manager says, “The aim of this competition was to reward our employees for all their hard work and dedication. We’re very grateful for the great job they do, and this is our way of saying thanks.”

Ramsden says, “The entire competition went as ‘smooth as butter,’" an appropriate assessment, given that Arla Foods is a large dairy company.

With goody bags, trophies, cash prices, three days off work and, in the words of one competitor, ’a cracking good time’, the event proved a success. The company plans to expand the program next year.

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