Lift Truck Reality Show Debuts in Ontario

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario—A new reality show called “Forked Up” made its debut Apr. 31 and attracted an audience of 400 to Mississauga Silver City theaters.

Produced by Bradford Productions of Toronto, “Forked Up” is an up-close and personal look at the characters at MasterLift who transform lift trucks into cool machines with paint jobs and chrome accessories.

Launched in 2007, MasterLift’s Web campaign has generated worldwide attention, and the lift truck dealer is leveraging that publicity to create the new reality show.

The show takes viewers on the road to promo events, concerts, charity events and candid scenes of lift truck repossessions.

"Bradford Productions has created a show that will appeal to everyone,” says Gary Wilson, president of MasterLift. "The ‘Forked Up’ pilot was test marketed to males and females with ages ranging from 14 to 70, and without exception, they wanted to see more."

According to Masterlift, discussions are taking place with a number of networks to release the show in the fall. A sneak peak can be viewed at

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