Lift Truck Rodeo Rides into Ohio

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio—Lift truck operators will meet in Clark County, Ohio, Nov. 7-8 for the annual U.S. Forklift Safety Rodeo, according to news reported by

The operators will compete for trophies, jackets and a cash prize of up to $750.

The lift truck rodeo has been conducted by the Springfield/Clark County Safety Council (SCCSC) since 1995. Dick Higgins, president of Higgins Group, one of the event’s sponsors, joined other workplace safety experts to form the independent organization in 1994. Additional sponsors include the SCCSC, KMH Systems Inc, Sentry Protection Products and

Approximately 150 lift truck operators will choose four of nine events this November. They will be timed and penalized for errors or omissions, which includes breaking rodeo rules or striking traffic cones. Time is added to each score for every penalty point.

Participants will also take a quiz on lift truck operations, and bonus points will be awarded for correct answers. The points are converted into time deducted from the overall score.

A Masters division is available for previous lift truck rodeo champions, while the Championship division is designed for all others.

The SCCSC promotes the rodeo as “a competitive, fun event to motivate the safe and efficient operation of powered industrial trucks.”

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