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Lift Truck Safety Gets Exciting

PITTSBURGH—Etcetera Edutainment has launched National Safety Council (NSC) Safetyworks Lift Truck, a 3D simulator that enhances lift truck safety education programs.

Operators drive in a virtual warehouse environment, guided by a series of task-based practice lessons on lift truck safety. They execute everyday tasks, respond to common obstacles and conditions and receive feedback in real time. After taking a final exam, qualified game operators receive an NSC certificate.

The video game uses a standard keyboard and runs on common PC platforms, according to Etcetera Edutainment. A steering wheel may be purchased to create a more realistic experience.

“Improving safety is now a key objective at the executive level of many companies,” says Jessica Trybus, CEO and president of Etcetera Edutainment.

NSC Safetyworks Lift Truck is distributed through the NSC. Check it out at

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