Lift Truck Shock Absorber

Lift Truck Shock Absorber

TVH’s wuBump is a shock absorber designed to protect a lift truck driver, the vehicle itself, the load and the warehouse infrastructure from the consequences of collisions. This shock absorber installs on any lift truck up to 5 tons by attaching two PE-belts to the driver's cab on the rear of the vehicle. When the lift truck collides with an obstacle, the wuBump absorbs the released collision energy.

The CE-certified wuBump weighs 22 lbs and is designed to protect up to speeds of 6.4 mph. The mobile shock absorber consists of one massive and one hollow cylinder that can slide together and are made of a multi-layered elastomer. This elastic material absorbs the energy of the collision and immediately retakes its original shape afterwards.

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TVH – Thermote & Vanhalst

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