Lifter-Dumper Handles Most Bulk Loads

Lifter-Dumper Handles Most Bulk Loads

Air Technical Industries’s mobile universal lifter-dumper will lift and invert up to 180°, dumping any shape or size of container desired, even a 55-gallon steel drum. Place any shape container in the specially-designed hopper, and it will transport, lift to desired height, and dump or invert the container.

This lifter-dumper will handle materials of any kind stored in cardboard boxes, wooden crates, bulk bags, tote pans, 5-gallon to 55-gallon kegs and drums, plastic jugs, buckets, or anything that could not previously be grabbed and dumped.

The universal dumper is mobile and self-propelled with variable speed control. The drive speed range is from 1 fpm to 4 mph and the steering is 90° left and right, providing a tight turning radius. It rides on 8” diameter roller bearing mounted polyurethane-coated wheels. The unit is battery powered and the lifting mast tilts forward and back. All functions are hydraulically operated.

Dumping height is up to 7 feet. The “V” chute and the stop bars prevent the container from sliding out during dumping. The unit can also be loaded automatically by conveyor with the optional conveyor bottom.

Air Technical Industries

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