Light Task II Dyneema

(Cranston, RI) Workers resist wearing typical cut-resistant gloves that offer no comfort and poor work performance. NorthFlex™ Light Task II™ was designed by North Safety Products to provide superior abrasion and tear resistance without compromising, dexterity and tactility. The thin polyurethane palm-coating offers a better, flexible grip and is uncoated on the back of the hand for ventilation. A soft, stretchy, seamless knit, ultra-lightweight Dyneema® shell conforms to the user’s hand for maximum, form-fitting comfort. Dyneema® outperforms aramid fibers in cut, tear, and abrasion resistance: weight for weight, Dyneema® is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel. Workers prefer the Light Task II Glove for applications such as handling sheet metal and glass.

The NorthFlex™ Series of palm-coated gloves are designed to meet critical performance characteristics specific to the user’s applications. To choose the right glove for your needs, contact North Safety Products to receive your free NorthFlex™ Palm-Coated Hand Protection Selection Guide.

Contact North Safety Products, 888-422-3798 or [email protected].

North Safety Products
2000 Plainfield Pike
Cranston, RI 02921
Telephone 401-943-4400
Facsimile 401-946-7560

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