Lightweight, Modular Conveyors

Lightweight, Modular Conveyors

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.’s DynaCon conveyors can be customized from standard modules that reconfigure in minutes. Used in plastics industries, these modular conveyors can transport chopped web scrap from a trim press, through a metal detector module, to the granulator for regrinding into usable size pellets where it is reintroduced to the extruders.

These conveyors are lightweight and easy to move around when performing product change-overs. If a forklift hits the conveyor or someone drops something on it, modules can replace damaged sections. The same sustainable concept applies to the belting on the conveyors. With link style belting, if the belt gets damaged, pop out a pin, pull out the damaged section and put a new piece in.

Modular AC or DC motors can be externally or internally mounted. This modular concept allows easy exchange when torque requirements change, keeping kilowatt usage to a minimum.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

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