Linde Displays Hydrogen Fueling Technologies

Linde North America plans to showcase hydrogen fueling technologies at the National Hydrogen Association’s (NHA) 21st annual conference, held May 3-5 in Long Beach, Calif.

Linde’s newly formed alternative energy team will describe the latest developments for fueling hydrogen-powered vehicles, including lift trucks.

This year, the company is introducing the Linde ionic compressor system in North America. The system uses an ionic liquid in direct contact with hydrogen to supply fuel-cell-powered lift trucks with hydrogen. It is part of Linde’s indoor and outdoor compression, storage and dispensing systems for the fuel-cell-powered lift truck market.

“The ionic compressor is a step-change in the area of hydrogen fueling,” says Mike Beckman, head of Linde North America’s alternative energy team. “It is a high-efficiency, high-throughput, low-maintenance and low-noise compression solution to allow fast and safe filling of vehicles.”

In the U.S., Linde has supplied hydrogen fueling stations for lift trucks at distribution centers owned and operated by large retail and foodservice companies and recently agreed to provide systems for automotive, food and soft-drink companies.

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