Linde Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks

Linde Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks

Linde Material Handling has added fuel cell-powered lift trucks to its product lineup.

Based on the Linde E30 3-ton electric counterbalanced truck, the new lift trucks have a fuel cell and storage tank that holds 3.5 pounds of hydrogen gas at 5,076 psi. The fuel cell and tank replaces the usual 80-volt battery.

Electricity generated from the hydrogen supplies electric motors that power the truck. The trucks also feature supercaps, which are large condensers that act as buffers to cover performance peaks, such as pulling away or lifting.

The fuel-cell trucks were developed over the last two years with Hydrogenics, a Canadian fuel cell manufacturer. Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge, based in Germany, services and maintains the new trucks.

Linde Material Handling

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