Linde to Launch New Sinergo Pallet Trucks

LONDON—Linde is releasing a small amount of information about its new 2009 range of pedestrian pallet trucks and pallet stackers. Full details will be released at the product launch in February 2009.

Linde Material Handling’s Product Support and Service Director, Mark Sullivan, explains this about the new line, “Sinergo, an innovative new operator/truck interface, is the principal design feature that will differentiate the new range from the competition. Sinergo creates a high level of synergy between the operator and the truck which delivers improved safety, innovation and ergonomic benefits.”

The new range of Linde pedestrian pallet stackers are designed for stacking pallets or stillages in warehouses, retail stores, production areas or workshops. They cover capacities between 1.0t and 1.2t.

The pedestrian pallet trucks are designed to operate with loads up to 2000kg and can be used for lorry loading and unloading, as well as all warehouse horizontal load movements. Most frequently used for lorry loading and unloading, these trucks handle pallets in confined difficult-to-manage spaces such as inside freight containers or road trailers. Compactness is an integral part of this new ergonomic range, enabling maneuverability in tight areas.

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