Line Matrix Printers

Line Matrix Printers

Printronix, Inc.’s TallyGenicom 6600 family of line matrix printers enables users to realize the benefits of improved reliability, productivity and environmental advantages, while seamlessly integrating into current work flow environments. All models in the 6600 series are ENERGY STAR qualified and are fully compatible, direct replacements for earlier TallyGenicom printers.

This printer family improves the total cost of ownership dramatically through a 30 percent reduction in consumable cost per page. From banking to manufacturing, warehousing to shipping and distribution centers, the TallyGenicom 6600 series includes the 6600Q Cabinet, 6600 Open Pedestal, 6600 Quiet Pedestal and 6600Z Zero Tear to provide users with durability and high quality printing. The PrintNet Suite of tools help supply chain professionals manage their worldwide print operations remotely, and the WebPanel is for single printer management needs.

Users also have a choice of speeds, including 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 lines per minute. Flexible configurations enable customers to tailor each 6600 model to their individual requirements.


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